Workplace Skills Development Program (WSDP)

WSDP is a 12 week full-time certificate program that offers training in:

  • Industrial Sewing
  • Effective Communication
  • Discovering Career Options
  • How to find a Job
  • Interacting Assertively and Handling Criticism

The student will identify personal learning styles and learn to recognize skill strengths and weaknesses. Ongoing job coaching will assist with finding and maintaining a job.
Call Heather to register at (519) 421-2077.

Next Program Starts: September 18, 2017

General Purpose:

  • To provide job coaching in a work place environment
  • To teach new skills which can be transferred to any job or new experience
  • To give opportunity to apply the lessons learned in the classroom modules, allowing for further clarification and feedback
  • To provide a learning environment that increases self confidence
  • To teach job search skills, using a variety of resources
  • To help each woman set realistic goals for herself, assess her strengths and abilities
  • To support each woman toward her goal of sustainable employment or further education and training
  • To provide a reference for employment or volunteering, based on performance in the work room and evidence of job readiness

This three month course will:

Allow for flexibility to accommodate part-time work while in the program or give consideration for child care schedules, or community appointments, or support personal goals, such as the need to find employment as soon as possible.

  • Teach the basics of industrial sewing and help overcome machine anxiety, relating to this skill to any machine use, whether in manufacturing, or an office, or the food industry etc.
  • Assess eye/hand coordination, ability to sequence, follow instructions, work as a team or independently as needed, use of good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strengthen the ability to solve problems or move past barriers that may be impediments to employment
  • Give opportunity to practice the above mentioned skills in a simulated work environment, where products such as tote bags, blankets(knotted comforters) are created both for the trainees and community projects
  • Provide weekly job coaching and an evaluation at the end of the program

This program is designed to help women identify their strengths, skills, and acomplishments and then match those with occupations/jobs where they would be most suited. The content of this program develops Employability Skills recognized by Industry Canada.

A certificate will be awarded upon completion.

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