Considering a career change? Looking for a job? 

Dealing with a workplace issue? 

The work world presents both opportunities and challenges! 

WERC provides one-on-one job search assistance to prepare resumes and cover letters, provides support with online job search and job application preparation as well as help to practice interview skills. 
Women may also wish to attend the Job Search workshops found in our Job Search Techniques Module 4.

Our 1 – 1 counselling support sessions start with an Intake appointment, where we will gather information required so that we can help you in the best possible way. During this appointment, we review your work history, reasons for accessing service, and possible barriers that might be getting in the way of your success. At this time, we will also start developing an action plan to keep you focused on moving forward.

A strategic job search starts with ‘tools of the job serach trade’. After all, finding a job is a job in itself! Working with an Employment Counsellor, you can learn the value of creating field specific resumes and targeted cover letters to better market yourself to employers.

Many people get extremely nervous at the mere thought of an interview, but you can gain the knowledge and skill to present yourself effectively. Develop an understanding of the entire interview process, the importance of company research, and how to confidently and effectively handle a variety of interview questions through a mock interview simulation. This last suggestion is particularly helpful when you have an upcoming interview! 

Don’t miss out on job opportunities! There are numerous ways to approach and manage a job search, but many people barely skim the surface and thereby sell themselves short. A lack of knowledge of employers, the labour market, and the hidden job market are some of the more common reasons people unknowingly limit their job search. Learn about these and other obstacles!

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